Self-Enforcement Solution

Napier offer a revolutionary system using a state of the art parking application that is fully compatible with smart phones.

Fast implementation, non-confrontational, cost effective and efficient.

How it works;


A). Napier Parking survey your site, arrange a parking contract and erect our parking enforcement signs which work as an effective deterrent against unwanted parkers.


B). The client downloads our parking app onto their smart phone and undertake simple training.


C). The client simply photograph any vehicle parked in breach of the agreed terms and conditions. The app sends all the details to our control system.


D). Napier issue a Fixed Charge Notice through the post to the registered keeper of the vehicle.

The client’s parking problems solved!

– This system is non-confrontational as there will be no physical evidence fixed to the vehicle, the driver will first be informed of the incident when a Fixed Charge Notice is sent via post.

– Napier oversees all administration and enforcement. They operate a full appeals system and can take action against liable parties through the county court if required (for examples of recent cases please visit our news section)

– This system is extremely effective at reducing unwanted parking and contraventions can easily be administered by on site staff such as security or concierge teams. Please contact us if you require anymore information. This solution is ideal for small residential car parks, self-managed pay and display car parks, office car parks, disabled bays and private roads.