Parking Enforcement

A key focus of Napier Parking is enforcement of parking on private land. Clear and informative signage are installed and are vital in ensuring that parking conditions are properly understood. Our parking attendants ensure that any enforcement action taken is fair and appropriate to the situation.

In today’s busy environment parking spaces are valuable and important for those entitled to use them. Some motorists take advantage of parking on private land either by not making payment when charges are in place or by parking in car parks reserved for permit holders or customers. Our services are invaluable to those landowners who depend on them.

Napier’s current clients include local authorities, private developers, country parks, national retailers, managing agents and land owners. We offer an end to end service from selection in the early stages of project planning through to installation, operation and the commissioning of a complete car park management solution including full enforcement, processing 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

In certain situations, Napier’s enforcement services can be offered free of charge to landowners.

 Examples of current applications include;

 – Pay and Display car parks.

– Permit holder only car parks.

– Shopping centres and retail parks.

– Country Parks and Leisure destinations.

– Residential and Commercial Office Car Parks.

– Railway Stations.

– Private Roads.

– Disabled parking bays.

Each enforcement team is fully uniformed and patrol the designated land to ensure car park users comply with the clearly displayed terms and conditions for parking on private land. The Napier parking attendants use handheld terminals to record parking contraventions and also to take photographic evidence. Vehicles found to be incorrectly parked will be issued with a Fixed Charge Notice. Our in-house Enforcement Department manages a full appeals and complaints process.